NT 1 Botanical Lemon Beverage | 恩缇 1 纯天然健康饮料



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NT 1 Botanical Lemon Beverage 
NT 1 Botanical Lemon Beverage is formulated by Nature Terms Laboratory Limited, London, United Kingdom. The main active ingredients consist of Italy Lemon Extract, soy peptides, Swiss Grape Stem Cell and Insoluble Fibre. 

Italy’s Lemon Extract 
Italy’s lemon extract is a highly standardized and pure natural product. Our quality assurance policy complies with ISO9001 standard, International Food Standard (IFS) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Food Safety Standard.

The Benefits of Italy’s Natural Lemon Extract
• Contains high vitamin C to help our body to produce collagen 
• Whitening effect 
• High antioxidant effect to fight free radicals 
• Help our body to repair damaged DNA 

Insoluble Fibre (USA) 
• Made of excellent non-GMO wheat 
• Advanced water-insoluble fibre 
• Scrub the gastrointestinal tract like a brush to achieve bowel detoxification 
• Promote body detoxification and slimming
• Healthy intestines will effectively enhance our digestive system 
• Effectively enhance our body’s absorption level

Swiss Grape Stem Cell (Phytocelltec™ SV Nu)
A Revolutionary Technology to Protect Skin Stem Cells against UV-induced Aging.

Phytocelltec™ SV Nu is a powder based on the stem cells of a rare red- ash grape tolerant to strong UV radiation.

UV radiation is responsible for 80% of face aging. Despite the use of sun filters, toxins and oxidants are generated by UV in the skin. This affects the most sensitive cells such as the epidermal stem cells which are rare and essential. Thus, their protection against UV stress is of great importance.

The Amazing Grape
The grape (Vitis vinifera) cultivar ‘Gamay Teinturier Fréaux’ originates from the Burgundy region of France and is characterized by its red flesh and juice due to the extremely high anthocyanin content. Whilst anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers, the high level of tannins also gives an undesirable taste to wines. This has therefore resulted in the variety almost completely disappearing.

Benefits of Swiss Grape Stem Cell
• Deep Whitening
• Protects skin stem cells against UV stress
• Increases the skin’s UV tolerance
• Fights photo-aging
• For a vital and healthy-looking skin
• Help the skin stem cells to maintain their stem cell characteristics

Soy Peptides
Soy peptides is produced by an exclusive enzyme digestion technology which is low in free amino acid content and high in easily absorbable di- and tripeptides, while reducing bitterness and umami originated in peptides.

The Benefits of Soy Peptides
Studies shown that soy peptides has the below benefits:
• Anti aging
• Anti obesity
• Antioxidant
• Reduces physical fatigue
• Rejuvenate cells
• Detoxification
• Enhances elasticity and moisture retention of skin
• Transporting nutrients into cells
• Combats free radical
• Protects skin’s cells
• Soy isoflavones help protect against cancer
• Consists genistein that can ease menopausal disorders