Terms & Conditions

By using the pipiva.com online service, you hereby have confirmed that you are at least 18 years old and agree that you have read these terms and conditions and that you accept and agree to be bound by them.

The following expressions are used to define certain references: “Pipiva” or “we” or “us” or “our” shall mean Niche Access Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 840596-D) who is the seller of the Products Online. “Customer(s)” or “you” or “your” shall mean users who places an order to purchase the Products on Pipiva Online under the registered login. “Pipiva.com” shall mean the medium by which Product(s) are offered for sale by Niche Access Sdn. Bhd. to the Customer through this website owned by Niche Access Sdn. Bhd. “Login” shall mean a Customer’s access name to the Pipiva.com under that Customer’s registration. “Account(s)” shall mean the Customer’s account registered on Pipiva.com. “Order(s)” shall mean the order(s) submitted by you to purchase the Product from Pipiva.com under your Login. “Product(s)”shall mean any and all the products offered for sale by Pipiva.com “Terms and Conditions” shall mean the terms and conditions contained herein including all and any modifications and amendments or additions thereon from time to time. 
All Products sold by us through this site are sold subject to these Terms and Conditions. By submitting your Order(s) for processing by Pipiva.com, you have hereby confirm and affirm with us that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions in the form in which they appear at the time your Order(s) is submitted for processing.

The access to Pipiva.com is gained through use of a personal password. The Customer(s) shall ensure that the password is kept strictly confidential to prevent unauthorized use. The Customer(s) shall accept the responsibility for all activities that occur under the Customer’s Login and password. We shall use our best endeavors to prevent any unauthorized entry to the our website. However, we shall not be liable for any damages or losses whatsoever if any third party gains unauthorized access to the our website. 
It shall be your own responsibility to provide accurate and complete information during account registration to our website and other circumstances. If you want to update or change the information that you have provided, you may login to your account via http://www.pipiva.com and amend the information that you have provided before.

All personal information that you have provided is safely secured and protected by http://www.pipiva.com. We will not modify, change or update any information provided by you. However, we shall reserve the right to modify, change or update any information provided that are compelled by the law or any special circumstances.
All the information that is contained in Pipiva.com constitutes to an invitation to treat and not an offer to sell or supply any of our products or services. By placing Order(s) via Pipiva.com, you are offering to purchase the Product(s) that you have selected based on the terms and conditions.

We reserves the right to refuse the registration and/or the selling and/or the purchase of any of our Product(s). We also reserve the right to terminate the registration of accounts and registered account. Any reason to deny the access shall be our discretion without prior notice as deemed fit.

Product(s) purchased on Pipiva.com is at your own risk. Product(s) sold at this website are sold “as it is”. There is no warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. This includes any implied warranties or implied terms such as title, quality, merchantability and fitness for purpose. These are permissible by law. 

All pictures and images of the Product(s) displayed on Pipiva.com are for illustration purposes in order to help the Customer(s) to recognize the Product(s) only. The actual size, dimension and colour of the Product(s) may differ and these may not reflect exactly on the Product(s) you receive due to packaging redesign and/or improvements. Hence, variations may be applied from time to time. We will not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the pricing, materials and information provided in Pipiva.com.

We shall reserve the right to amend, vary and change these terms and conditions at our own discretion without prior notice. Your continued use of this website and placing of Order(s) will be constituted as your acceptance to any amendments, variations and changes to these terms and conditions.

It is your responsibility as the user to review and understand all the applicable terms and conditions set for your access to Pipiva.com and the linked websites at all times. 

Price and Order
Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are in Ringgit Malaysia. Where applicable, you shall be charged accordingly to the prices stated in this website and such other miscellaneous charges such as delivery charges, administration charges and cancellation charges.

We may make every effort to ensure that the prices, details and sizes of the Product(s) detailed on Pipiva.com are accurate at the time when the information was inputted onto the website. We shall reserve the right to vary the prices and other details, descriptions or specifications of the Product(s) without prior notice.

We shall not be responsible or liable for any inadvertent errors in the prices stated on Pipiva.com. We reserves the right to decline Order(s) based on the errors.
All prices stated on Pipiva.com are for purchasing via Online only. The prices for the Product(s) may differ if purchased via other means. The prices stated in Pipiva.com are valid and effective for delivery within Malaysia only.

We will make every reasonable effort to fulfil each Order(s) made by you. However, we shall reserve the rights to decline the fulfilment of any Order(s) with valid reasons. The list of reasons are as following:-
i. Insufficient stock to deliver all the Product(s) that you have ordered. This may occur as Product(s) are only supplied while stock last.
ii. Any of the Product(s) ordered is no longer available for purchase.
iii. The address provided is not within our delivery services.
iv. One or more Product(s) ordered has been listed at an incorrect price due to typographical and clerical error.
vi. Any unforeseen circumstances or incident that may render any Order(s) null or void.
vii. Forced Majeure event that may cause any delay and/or prohibits the fulfilment of Order(s).

Once you have placed the Order(s), the Order receipt will be sent to your email. This includes the order identity, order date, order items with quantity and price, total price, billing information and shipping information.

We may from time to time set credit limits for individual Customer(s) and we reserves the right to limit sales and quantities of Product(s) including the right to prohibit sales to re-sellers and to revise, suspend or discontinue a Product(s), sale or promotion at any time without prior notice to the Customer(s).

Discrepancies on the final bill may be due to out-of-stock products, substitutions, special offers and daily price changes. We shall reserve the rights to adjust the final bill after the price is presented or conveyed to the Customer and such adjustments shall be marked on the final bill.

The placement of your Order(s) shall constitute as your agreement to our Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of using Pipiva.com. You will also have authorised us to store, process, disclose and use the data collected from you for the purpose of processing your Order(s). Delivering the Product(s) is for the purpose as identified in the Privacy Policy.

Cancellation of Order
Cancellation of purchase is not allowed once payment has been processed and completed via Pipiva.com.

We will not be able to accommodate any cancellation request as the intruduction bonus has been generated by the system once the payment has been successfully performed.

Payment Policy
All payments for Order(s) made via Pipiva.com shall be made through online banking, debit cards and/or credit cards only.

You will be redirected to a third-party processing company’s website to process your payments. Your payment via the third-party website shall constitute as your agreement to be bound by the requirements and terms and conditions of the credit card processing company and/or other external websites. 

All payments are subject to be approved by the selected financial institutions. As such, we shall not be liable in any way if the financial institutions refuses to accept or honor your banking method for any reasons.
We reserves the right to refuse any method of payment at our own discretion as well as to change the terms of payment for the Product(s) at any time without having to state the reasons.

Out of Stock Policy
Kindly bear in mind that when making a purchase through Pipiva.com, our stock fluctuates throughout the day. In the event where the Product(s) ordered is out of stock, we will make every effort to ship your Order(s) either fully or partially as soon as possible. The lead-time could be as long as two (2) weeks. In the event that we are unable to secure the stock, the amount shall be credited into your account and made available for your usage upon your next Order(s).

We may substitute the Product(s) for another similar Product(s) if the initial Product(s) ordered by the Customer(s) is unavailable. The substitution of Product(s) shall be with the consent of the Customer(s). If there is no prior consent from the Customer(s), there will be no substitutions made by us.